How to Cut Black Hair--About the Webmaster


Me with Finished Haircut


So you've read the site and wonder, who wrote this?! Is she a hairstylist?

No, I'm not a hairstylist, and actually didn't expect to end up writing a site about cutting hair, black or otherwise.

I'm actually a Marketer! And, as part of that, I check around to see what products people are searching for (since it usually means they want those things). Usually I wouldn't look twice at a "content search" since there isn't any money in that.

But when I came across the fact that people were searching for "how to cut black hair" I couldn't resist making a site for it. After all, I've got the Black Hair, and I've been cutting it for almost 20 years!

I also saw that the only other sites that mentioned cutting black hair talked about the frustration of being able to get a decent haircut in the 'burbs or out in the sticks, but none offered a solution.

Hopefully some stylists will read this and get a clue. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those searches were coming from the back room of hair salons while the customer was sitting in the chair. If this site stops some salon-sponsored destruction from happening, all the better.


If you're wondering, thanks goes to Dad for the hair! It's definitely all his.

I've lived out here in Commerce Township, Michigan almost all of my life. I've watched it turn all the way from a little nothing backwater town, into a strip-malled boomtown complete with McMansions. That link goes to the demographics. It's too bad I don't have a link to how it used to be. The changes would blow you away. About the only thing that hasn't changed is the awful winter weather. Therefore, I hear the call of Florida or Hawaii all the time.

Some people don't like their black hair, or make a lot of work out of it, but

I think it's fine the way it is. It doesn't NEED messing with. If it starts to look bad, chop it off and then it's always neat. It doesn't take a bucketload of shampoo to wash it.

I have tried straightening it, and I think doing that is a mistake! It wrecks all the good properties of black hair, and adds all the bad properties of straight hair! Among other things, straight hair means: rolling it up, using curling irons, chemical burns, 8 inches or more of snarls to get rid of, yucky styling goop, yucky conditioning oil to keep it from breaking off, etc. etc. etc. Forget that!!!